The Ontario Paper Thorold Foundation offers financial support to various charitable organizations and functions throughout the Niagara, Ontario region.

​The Resolute Forest Products Paper Mill may be closed down now but the legacy continues with dedicated retired employees working to support the Niagara Region.

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The Ontario Paper Thorold Foundation supports charitable groups throughout the Niagara region.

The Foundation organizes its charitable contributions into 4 main categories:


  •  Health and Wellness

  • Education

  • Social Services

  • Environment



Outdoor classroom named for The Ontario Paper Thorold Foundation for it's donation of $100,000 to Niagara College for equipment



Amidst the pandemic, Ontario Paper Thorold Foundation want to make a difference


Photo of donation to Niagara College

The Foundation in the news


Ontario Paper Thorold Foundation donates $25,000 to Fallen Workers Memorial



Foundation donates $250,000 to Wellspring Niagara


Paper Mill Foundation supports Heartland Forest Accessibility



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