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Giving to Charities

Each request is handled separately and is judged on its own merit.

The Foundation attempts to focus donations:
- larger amounts, fewer organizations.
- to have the greatest impact and streamline its process.

Acceptance or rejection is based on:

-Perceived need of funds - What are the objectives?

-Amount solicited

-Financial viability

-Amounts previously granted

-Overlap with other agencies, and the company

  • Every organization seeking funds must furnish its registration number as a charitable organization under the Canada Revenue Agency Taxation Act. 

  • No donations will be made to any organization that has, as a substantial part of its activities, the carrying on of propaganda or in any other way attempting to influence legislation, or to any organization that directly or indirectly participates or intervenes in political campaigns on behalf of any candidate for public office.

  • No donations are made to individuals or labour organizations.

  • Organizations and institutions must operate in the Niagara, Ontario region.

  • Donations are not given to provide start-up funds for new ventures.

  • Donations to organizations (hospitals, schools, etc.) for new construction or expansion will be considered only when the hospital has or is assured of having certification for the project from the appropriate governmental authority.

  • An agency whose activities may be perceived as falling within the priorities system of the local United Way organization will be asked to state whether it has applied to a United Way for funding and to explain the results of such application.

  • The Foundation will not purchase tickets to dinners or golf tournaments, even such events are charity-based. It will also not purchase any advertising space in any program or publication.

  • In general, no donations are authorized for pre-school, elementary, or secondary school education.

  • Donations will not be made to sectarian or religious organizations whose services are limited to members of any one religious group.

Please read through the criteria and guidelines prior to making an application

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