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Establishment, Change, Maturity

The Ontario Paper Thorold Foundation was incorporated in 1958 by Ontario Paper Company under the name "Ontario Paper Company Foundation." It was originally targeted at providing contributions to registered charitable organizations in both the Niagara, Ontario, and Baie Comeau, Quebec regions.

Due to changes in the company ownership and name, the Foundation has changed its name on more than one occasion:

1.  Quebec and Ontario Company Foundation


2.  QUNO Foundation


3.  After the company was bought by Donohue in 1996, company contributions ended, and the name was changed to Niagara/Baie Comeau Community Foundation. All existing donation commitments were honoured.


4.  In 2004, the Foundation was formally and legally split into 2 separate entities, one of which continues to serve the Baie Comeau region, and this one, serving the Niagara region. It was renamed: "Abitibi Consolidated Thorold Foundation."


5.  In 2008 the name was changed to "The Ontario Paper Thorold Foundation" which more appropriately reflects the history of the original endowment.


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Sue Burch - President and Chair, Donations Committee, Administration Committee Chair, Future Planning Committee Chair


Wayne Shepard - Vice-President, Financial Review Committee Chair, Investment Review Committee, Future Planning Committee

Adrian Barnet - Past-President, Investment Review Committee Chair,

Financial Review Committee,

Future Planning Committee

Suzie Bowles - Treasurer, Donations Committee, Investment Review Committee, Financial Review Committee, Administration Committee 

Ron Hartle - Donations Committee Chair


Sherri Loucks - Secretary, Donations Committee,


Angelo Ruscitti-  Donations Committee, Administration Committee

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) registration number 0201434-03

Charitable Foundation 89165 3446 RR0001


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